Premium quality, real estate photography servicing the Illawarra and South Coast.

Real Estate Photography

Professional photographs of your property listings are a vital component to any successful marketing campaign. Emotionally compelling imagery has a strong impact on potential purchasers and photos are often the first point of contact a buyer will have with the property. Providing powerful visual appeal and state-of-the art editing, RealFX Photography captures each unique property at its best, while showcasing their finest selling features.

Real Estate Videography

Real estate videography is a powerful marketing tool and strong visual aid. It gives potential buyers the feeling that they are physically touring the home and experiencing the ambience of the property. It allows the sales agent to personally connect with their target audience, while intimately showcasing the property’s finer details and most appealing selling points. RealFX Photography takes the listing off the page and brings it to life by creating engaging video to create an emotional connection to the home and lifestyle on offer.

Aerial & Drone Imagery

Aerial and Drone Imagery provides a unique perspective when it comes to featuring a property for sale. Flying cameras produce dramatic shots of sweeping landscapes, oceans and mountains, while an image from the sky is the best way to highlight the details of a sprawling estate, high-end residence or rolling acreages. Aerial and Drone photographs are a great way to emphasise location, proportion and orientation, as well as nearby surroundings, attractions and amenities. RealFX Photography captures high resolution photos/footage to captivate your audience from a birds-eye vantage point.

Real Estate Floor Plans

Floor plans are essential to sales marketing campaigns and help make a listing stand out. Room flow, layout, aspect and size are all that factors buyers take into consideration and floor plans allow potential purchasers to understand the essence of a property. Professional photos capture the beauty of the spaces, while a floor plan communicates the functionality, and when used together they become an effective tool in helping buyers to visualise. RealFX Photography use the latest technology to create accurately drafted, precisely proportioned and simple to read floor plans, which can be customised to your brand.

Virtual Furniture

Virtual furniture is a cost-effective alternative for real estate agents and vendors who do not wish to invest in expensive property staging or furniture hire. With cutting-edge techniques, virtual staging can fill a home with stylish furniture, accessories and pops of colour, to enhance the overall appeal of an empty, tired or drab property. Virtual staging adds warmth and life to a photo and invites potential buyers to visualise themselves living in the home. RealFX Photography offers a range of design options to suit any style of property and give your listing an edge over the rest.

Before After
Before After

Real Estate Day-to-Dusk Photography

Dusk is a beautiful time of the day and with advanced editing techniques your property photo can be transformed from a day to dusk image. RealFX photography can turn any daytime or gloomy sky into a breathtaking sunset to create a beautiful, eye-catching image that really makes your listing stand out from the competition.

Real Estate Dusk Photography

Twilight images are usually taken of the exterior of the property at dusk to create a mood and showcase internal, landscape and pool lighting, as well as firepits, alfresco spaces and stunning sunsets. Provoking emotions with their long exposures and slick lighting, intimate images captured at a dusk shoot produce a real ‘wow’ factor that will likely grab the attention of more potential buyers. By creating eye-popping visual elements, RealFX Photography help encourage buyers to imagine themselves returning to a warm and welcoming home each night and having a sunset drink on the deck, a night swim or warm cup of tea by the fire.

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